Fresh Made Desserts

CJ's prepares our own delicious desserts in-house.  From Pecan Pie to Peach Cobbler, Chess Pie (pictured above), Pound Cake, Pretzel Pie, Blackberry Cobbler, Banana Pudding, and Lemon Meringue Pie we do it ourselves with fresh ingredients and decades old recipes passed down through our family.  If you have not tried our desserts you are definitely missing a treat!  You have tried the rest - now try the best.  We would love for you to try our amazing flavors.


     Soul Food Prep

CJ's Soul Food puts our heart and soul into each dish prepared like soul food staples Broccoli Casserole, Fried Chicken, and Fresh Collard Greens. Other good eats such as cornbread dressing, smoked chicken or turkey, and green beans (pictured above).  We provide portions with the intention to feed you more than once the day you pick-up your food.  We provide catering services as well with select menu items, desserts, and CJ's House Tea.



From time to time CJ's will introduce new items to the menu by adding our special seasonings and preparations to the "unexpected."  The Smoked Lobster Tails were a delightful experiment that highlighted CJ's love for various foods.  And, we are feverishly searching for side dishes to accompany this amazing treat for Louisville's foodie community.  COMING SOON to a menu near you!  It will leave you thinking, "What was that I just ate?"  Yes, it was just that good!  


For our Cajun and Creole crowd:  C'est bon, c'est magnifique!


Charlie's World Class Brisket

Our smoked brisket is amazingly delicious! Charlie puts her heart and soul into this this smoked meats. He has his own dry rub. Soon, you will be able to purchase Charlie's own dry rub from your local supermarket.  Yes!  It is just that good!

Mrs. Joyce's Fresh Cole Slaw

It is our hope that the look of our fresh-made Cole Slaw jumps off the page and jumps right into your mouth.  This Coleslaw is made with our own fresh ingredients, seasonings, and extras.




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